Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

Prediction: This is probably going to end the pilot shortage. Watch the trailer here: Top Gun: Maverick.

The Black Scorpion Pilot Now Available on Amazon’s Audible!

The Black Scorpion Pilot – Summer Read

National Air and Space Museum – Book Signing on Saturday, April 27, 2019!

It’s an honor to be invited back! Please join me at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – Udvar-Hazy Center, Dulles Airport, Virginia on April 27, 2019 at 12:00 PM where I will be signing copies of my thriller books.  The Smithsonian Institution Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum is located at 22556 Air… Read more »

Hilton Head Monthly Magazine

Local Reads of the Lowcountry By Amy Coyne Bredeson / 28 January 2019 / “The Black Scorpion Pilot” BY LAWRENCE A. COLBY Link: Click here Former Hilton Head Island resident Lawrence A. Colby spent 20 years flying for the U.S. Marine Corps and the Air Force Reserve. He spent five years working as a military… Read more »

Thank You For A Great 2018!

Readers, Thank you so much for an excellent year! I am happy to have highlighted our terrific teammates in the military through entertaining stories that you enjoy.  I’ve enjoyed writing them as much as you liked reading them. Over the past two years, I have received many emails and photos from great folks who have shared with… Read more »

HOT OFF THE PRESS – – “The Black Scorpion Pilot”

  Team, Super excited to pass on that The Black Scorpion Pilot reached #1 status on Amazon, and is now available on Kindle and Paperback.  It is also available at Barnes and Noble Booksellers.  In the coming weeks, it will soon be available on audio on Audible. Keep on the lookout for upcoming book signings here. If… Read more »

Pre-Orders Available for The Black Scorpion Pilot: Week of Nov 5th

Team, Amazon will soon be releasing “The Black Scorpion Pilot” for both paperback and Kindle here. Hope to see you in person at one of my upcoming book signings beginning in December 2018.  See the schedule– please stop in to say hello! I continue to be grateful for your support. Thank you! Best, Cheese

The Black Scorpion Pilot – Book Signings

Book Release Date: December 1, 2018 Book Signing at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Tysons Corner, Virginia: Book Signing – Please join author Lawrence A. Colby at 1:00 PM where he will be signing copies of his new thriller THE BLACK SCORPION PILOT. With an extraordinary touch of human spirit and national security realism comes Book… Read more »

The Black Scorpion Pilot – Available Dec 1, 2018!

Just approved for publication from the Pentagon! THE BLACK SCORPION PILOT- coming December 1, 2018! With a touch of human spirit and heart-stopping adventure comes a saga where cyber, aviation, and survival meet. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes and Audible. For more info on the story, visit: Thanks for the support!… Read more »

MOAA Gives A Shout Out In July 2018 Magazine

Thanks to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) for the mention in their July 2018 Military Officer magazine. Thank you! Visit me at:  

  • NASA just dropped a ton of rare footage of SR-71 Blackbirds

      Excellent article on the SR-71 Blackbird with rare video footage here.  Thanks, NASA!

  • Warriors Ethos 4th Annual Gala – 2017

        Readers, I am honored to support this year’s Warriors Ethos 4th Annual Gala with signed copies of my books as Door Prizes. Their big event is November 16, 2017 at the Hilton McLean, Tysons Corner, Virginia. Please visit their site here for more information. Warriors Ethos is dedicated to providing assistance in the career… Read more »

  • Official Book Trailers for The Black Scorpion Pilot

    Coming to Amazon in 2018             Read more about The Black Scorpion Pilot here.  Pre-orders soon!  Look for it on Amazon.

  • Skunk Works Announces Info on SR-72 Program

      Readers, Not sure if you caught last month’s headlines, but Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works announced that their SR-72 program is already in full-swing to construct and fly a follow-on to the great SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft. Lockheed told Aviation Week that their high-end tech directorates have been working on special engines (combined cycle propulsion system) that combines a supersonic… Read more »

  • Two Books. Two Veteran Organizations. Two Donations.

    TWO BOOKS.  TWO VETERAN ORGANIZATIONS.  TWO DONATIONS. When I was a kid, my dream was to fly for the military.  I’m very lucky that my dream came true. These books are a follow-up from that dream…a chance to do good…to do something more for others.  By reading one of my books, you are helping America’s veterans.  Our… Read more »

  • Colby Book Added to ‘Best Books of 2017’ List

      “The Devil Dragon Pilot” was just added to the ‘Best Fiction Books’ list on Comparaboo!  Thank you!  

  • Thank You to Fans of “The Devil Dragon Pilot”

    Readers, I continue to be grateful for your outpouring of support.  Over the last six months, “The Devil Dragon Pilot” had shot up to #1 on Amazon and sat there for over three months (currently sits at #4 on Amazon).  It was also a top seller in India, UK, Canada, Australia, as well as the United… Read more »

  • Aircraft Comms with Satellites – found in “The Black Scorpion Pilot”

    Team, This article below may be of interest to readers of the Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series.  It discusses the aircraft to satellite communications program the FAA has been working on to modernize operations. Data Comm is a program at the FAA that allows pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate ahead of departures. This innovative technology is based… Read more »

  • B-2 Spirit: New Aircraft in The Black Scorpion Pilot

    Readers, As we get closer to The Black Scorpion Pilot book rollout in fall 2018, I wanted to introduce to you a new aircraft. The B-2 Spirit, the United States’ stealth bomber, is prominently featured in the next book.  Without disclosing too much, Captain Ford Stevens has a need to fly inside a B-2 out of Diego Garcia. … Read more »

  • Gulfstream 650ER – The Devil Dragon Pilot

    Readers, Thanks for sharing with me how much you are enjoying The Devil Dragon Pilot book.  Many of you have asked about the Gulfstream 650ER, the business jet featured in the book.  Your combined questions are aligned with this:  does it really look and fly like I have written about?  The answer: yes. Take a look… Read more »