Two Books. Two Veteran Organizations. Two Donations.

TWO BOOKS.  TWO VETERAN ORGANIZATIONS.  TWO DONATIONS. When I was a kid, my dream was to fly for the military.  I’m very lucky that my dream came true. These books are a follow-up from that dream…a chance to do good…to do something more for others.  By reading one of my books, you are helping America’s veterans.  Our… Read more »

“The Devil Dragon Pilot” Added to ‘Best Books of 2017’ List on Comparaboo

  “The Devil Dragon Pilot” was just added to the ‘Best Fiction Books’ list on Comparaboo!  Thank you!  

Thank You Fans of “The Devil Dragon Pilot” Action Thriller Book

Readers, I continue to be grateful for your outpouring of support.  Over the last six months, “The Devil Dragon Pilot” had shot up to #1 on Amazon and sat there for over three months (currently sits at #4 on Amazon).  It was also a top seller in India, UK, Canada, Australia, as well as the United… Read more »

Aircraft Communications with Satellites – found in The Black Scorpion Pilot Military-Aviation Thriller

Team, This article below may be of interest to readers of the Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series.  It discusses the aircraft to satellite communications program the FAA has been working on to modernize operations. Data Comm is a program at the FAA that allows pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate ahead of departures. This innovative technology is based… Read more »

B-2 Spirit: New Aircraft in The Black Scorpion Pilot

Readers, As we get closer to The Black Scorpion Pilot book rollout later this summer, I wanted to introduce to you a new aircraft. The B-2 Spirit, the United States’ stealth bomber, is prominently featured in the next book.  Without disclosing too much, Captain Ford Stevens has a need to fly inside a B-2 out of Diego Garcia. … Read more »

Gulfstream 650ER – The Devil Dragon Pilot

Readers, Thanks for sharing with me how much you are enjoying The Devil Dragon Pilot book.  Many of you have asked about the Gulfstream 650ER, the business jet featured in the book.  Your combined questions are aligned with this:  does it really look and fly like I have written about?  The answer: yes. Take a look… Read more »

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website!!

Readers, After weeks of work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website today!  Our newly remodeled site can be found at Our goal with this new website is to provide our readers an easier way to learn about Lawrence A. Colby’s books in the Ford Stevens Series, and allow the visitor the ability to see… Read more »

Parachuting from a Gulfstream V

Readers- Remind you of a character?  Some truth in fiction! Read it here.   Drake Wins STC for Parachuting from GV by Kirby J. Harrison  – October 21, 2013, 12:30 AM For years, it has been an accepted axiom of aviation that you never jump out of a perfectly good airplane. But thousands do it every… Read more »

SI Channel: Planes That Changed The World

Readers, There is a terrific television series on the Smithsonian Channel titled “Planes That Changed The World”, featuring everything from the AV-8B Harrier to the SR-71 Blackbird.  If you’re a Ford Stevens fan and enjoy reading about military aircraft, you may enjoy this series.   This is a summary of Episode 1, copied from their… Read more »

Bangalore, India – Perfect Setting for Ford Stevens Action in The Black Scorpion Pilot!

  Readers, I just returned from Bangalore, India where I verified multiple locations for scenes from my upcoming summer book, The Black Scorpion Pilot. It continues to be an excellent location where Ford Stevens and crew will get into all sorts of mischief and action. A portion of the second book takes place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Bangalore upon… Read more »

  • #1 NY Times Best Selling Author and Financial Planner Ric Edelman mentions “The Devil Dragon Pilot” Book on National Radio Show

    Ric Edelman, the #1 NY Times Best Selling Author and Financial Planner mentioned the book “The Devil Dragon Pilot” on his national radio show The Truth About Money during his past airing on December 2, 2016!  The episode can be downloaded here on iTunes or off his website here. “This is cool…I got a shot out in a… Read more »

  • Interview with Jerry of Traughber Design

    I recently sat down for an interview with Jerry Traughber of Traughber Design.  We discussed a variety of things related to “The Devil Dragon Pilot” book, and it was a pleasure to chat with him again.  His recent work related to time management, entrepreneurship and maximizing efficiency is worth reading, especially as readers decide to set goals in… Read more »

  • Book Signing at Marine Corps Exchange – Henderson Hall – Dec 17, 2016

    Saturday, December 17, 2016 • 11 am – 1:45  • In front of the Marine Corps Exchange – Henderson Hall…meet bestselling author Lawrence A. Colby for a book signing of The Devil Dragon Pilot, his blockbuster thriller that mixes aviation and espionage. Crammed with deceitful government employees, smoke and mirrors tradecraft, and the blackest, most secretive… Read more »

  • Thank you Headstrong Project!

    Some of the proceeds from The Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series will go to The Headstrong Project, an excellent organization that helps the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. They were gracious enough to post this on their Facebook page today about “The Devil Dragon Pilot” book.  Please check it out. Thank you Headstrong Project and Ford Stevens… Read more »

  • How do pilots see around the airport at night?

    Is Airport Lighting the same around the world? How did Devil Dragon land?  A motivated reader named “Bob” asked if the airport lighting was the same around the world, especially in Asia. Yes, Bob! Many of the airports around the world have some type of lighting for aircraft night flying. The differences at these airports… Read more »

  • Portion of Book Proceeds to Two Awesome Veterans Organizations

    Dear Friends, By reading one of my books, you are helping America’s veterans.  A portion of the Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series proceeds are going to two different veteran organizations (see below for more information).  These excellent organizations support our men and women long after they return home. Thank you for your continued support!  Awesome!   Sincerely, Lawrence A. Colby… Read more »

  • Interview on “Ready for Takeoff Podcast”!

    Download Captain George Nolly’s interview with author Lawrence A. Colby where they discuss pilot training, aviation, and the new military-aviation thriller “The Devil Dragon Pilot”.  Available now on the Ready For Takeoff Podcast and iTunes!  Read the book today!  

  • Military book author discusses forces of flight: How does Devil Dragon fly?

    The military-aviation book “The Devil Dragon Pilot” focuses on a secret aircraft that can fly at unbelievable speeds with special engines. While not disclosing too much in this positing and ruining it for readers, I thought you might want to understand some of the basic components of an aircraft and some simple aerodynamic concepts. There… Read more »

  • “The Devil Dragon Pilot” Aviation-Thriller: Barnes & Noble,, others! Available today!

    Happy Holidays! “The Devil Dragon Pilot” now available: Barnes & Noble, Createspace, Goodreads, and!            

  • Seeking Devil Dragon Pilot Readers!  Need your Aviation Photos for Instagram!

    Based upon a reader’s idea (Bob Jefferies), I am seeking your photos taken from the air for The Devil Dragon Pilot Instagram account. If you have cockpit or airborne photos you would like to submit, I’ll post for you, along with your name, onto the Instagram site. They can be air to ground, air to air, you… Read more »