Parachuting from a Gulfstream Corporate Jet
SI Channel: Planes That Changed The World

SI Channel: Planes That Changed The World

Readers, There is a terrific television series on the Smithsonian Channel titled “Planes That Changed The World”, featuring everything from the AV-8B Harrier to the SR-71 Blackbird.  If you’re a Ford Stevens fan and enjoy…

Bangalore, India – Perfect Setting for Ford Stevens Action!
Get Involved – The Headstrong Project!

Get Involved – The Headstrong Project!

Team, A portion of the Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series will continue to go to The Headstrong Project.  I am honored Dustin from Headstrong sent out this Twitter feed recently.  Thanks, Dustin!     For…

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Update on “The Black Scorpion Pilot” Book 2 in the Ford Stevens Series
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