Pre-Orders Available for The Black Scorpion Pilot: Week of Nov 5th
The Black Scorpion Pilot – Available Dec 1, 2018!
Black Scorpion Pilot Update – December 1, 2018!
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Can An Airplane Be Cyber Hijacked?

Can An Airplane Be Cyber Hijacked?

  Ford Stevens fans may be interested in reading this article…you’ll soon be reading about the topic of cyber hijacking in The Black Scorpion Pilot: Book 2!  Read the article here from The Daily Beast.  

Happy Veterans Day
New Book Rollout- Fall 2018!

New Book Rollout- Fall 2018!

    Team, Just a quick note to update you on Book 2, The Black Scorpion Pilot! The review process at the Department of Defense has gone longer than originally planned.  The Devil Dragon Pilot…

The Devil Dragon Pilot at Yellowstone National Park
The Devil Dragon Pilot – Now Available on iTunes
The Devil Dragon Pilot in London, UK!
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