Lawrence A. Colby

Lawrence A. Colby


#1 Amazon Bestselling Author

Lawrence A. Colby’s novel The Devil Dragon Pilot, part of the Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series, has been a world-wide bestseller in the United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia and is published in 12 countries.

Former military pilot and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Lawrence A. Colby brings you exciting stories in The Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series, including The Devil Dragon Pilot (one of Hilton Head Monthly magazine’s recommended Power Reads) and coming on Dec 1, 2018, The Black Scorpion Pilot.  Writing with full authenticity from being part of a small group of pilots that completed both U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training Programs, he includes real-world action from his experiences. He has flown 6 different types of civilian aircraft and 10 different types of military aircraft from two different services.  Known in the squadrons by the callsign “Cheese”, he is qualified in jets, propeller aircraft, and helicopters, and has completed multiple world-wide deployments. Cheese is also an FAA commercial pilot.  His number of take-offs match his number of landings.




Cheese has had the opportunity to work with an assortment of organizations, from the Department of Homeland Security, to U.S. Naval Special Warfare, to the Los Angeles Police Department. His previous experiences in global flying and at the Pentagon includes time in the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force Reserve, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, and Office of the Secretary of Defense.



He raced last year in his first triathlon, but used a mountain bike instead of a road bike. The fat, slow, knobby tires did not help his speed, and Cheese does not recommend this method.

The Black Scorpion Pilot – Book 2 rolls out on December 1, 2018.  He and his family live in the Washington, DC area.

Cheese Actively Supports

A portion of the proceeds goes to supporting these excellent veteran organizations:

The Headstrong Project

The Headstrong Project, a non-profit partnered with Weill Cornell Medical Center to fund and develop comprehensive mental healthcare programs to treat Iraq and Afghanistan veterans free of cost, stigma, and bureaucracy.

Team Rubicon Global

Team Rubicon Global provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. Learn how you can support our efforts to build a global veteran community that provides assistance to disaster victims.