Reading Clubs

Questions for Reading Clubs

The Devil Dragon Pilot

What did you learn about aerodynamics and aircraft engines and systems that you did not expect in the reading?

What biases did you have about high-performing, high-speed jet aircraft from outside the US, and how were they dismissed? Were you surprised?

What were your thoughts on the Gulfstream G650ER and their Special Missions office?

Were you aware of our own F-117 Stealth fighter, U-2 Dragon Lady, and SR-71 Blackbird aircraft? What is your opinion of their displays in our aviation museums?

What do you think of the Defense Intelligence Agency and their missions?

How has reading “The Devil Dragon Pilot” affected the way you look at foreign and American military pilots?

What did you think of the relationship between Ford Stevens and Wu Lee? How about Ford Stevens and Emily? Ford and his father?

What surprised you the most about “The Devil Dragon Pilot”?

What do you think is going on with high-speed military flight testing today?

Have you thought about what “The Black Scorpion Pilot: Book 2” is about?

The Black Scorpion Pilot

What did you learn about cell phone technology?

What were your thoughts on how Ford handled the loss of Wu Lee?

Were you aware of cyber technology and potential issues in aircraft cockpits?

Should the Department of Homeland Security be doing more to prevent malicious code from entering the cockpits?

What do you think of the way the team handled the Ford and Pinky situation?

Early on, did you know how WOODLOCH PINES and the Ham Radio would be worked in?

What were your thoughts about the ending?  Surprised?

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