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Lawrence A. Colby is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of three thrillers, including THE DEVIL DRAGON PILOT (“Colby keeps the reader turning pages…old-fashioned cliffhanging drama.” — Reserve Officers Association), THE BLACK SCORPION PILOT (“Brilliant. Could not go to sleep tonight”-Top Reviewer), and THE BUFFALO PILOT (“Ford Stevens is giving Jack Ryan a run for his money for the title “coolest patriot on the block.”-Author Frank A. “Gus” Biggio, The Wolves of Helmand: A View from Inside the Den of Modern War

Writing from years of military cockpit experience and over five years at the Pentagon as a military assistant provided Colby with an extensive understanding of combat tactics, government policies and power–knowledge he uses to add political as well as military realism to his jet-fueled books. All three of his novels have reached #1 status on Amazon.

A graduate of both the US Navy and US Air Force Flight Training Programs, Colby is part of a select group of pilots qualified to fly jets, prop planes, and helicopters. He held numerous squadron, air group, and wing positions, flying multiple operational missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other global locations. He flew under the call sign “Cheese.”

“Ford (Stevens), who was first introduced in Colby’s 2016 thriller, The Devil Dragon Pilot, will have a little brotherly competition this time around when his little brother Charlie, a Lieutenant fresh out of pilot training, crashes Ford’s party…”

The Real Book Spy

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The Buffalo Pilot: Book 3 The Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series



More military pilots die in training than at war.

Air Force Reserve Major Ford Stevens is a veteran military pilot, upholding the prestigious family practice of service to the nation in the face of danger.

His younger brother, Charlie, a fresh Lieutenant out of pilot training, joins the family tradition seeking to prove himself.

With the rivalry still strong, all he wanted to do was follow his big brother’s footsteps…

Now, Charlie joins his brother Ford in the same flying squadron, both men putting their lives on the line each time they strap in the jet, whether in peace or war.

It will be an initiation by fire as they hunt a saboteur killing aircrew, uniting the competitive brothers in the ultimate test of life and death.


“A fast-reading and clinching military thriller that would earn a place alongside any Clancy novel.”   –Reserve Officers Association


“Colby writes with the authority of someone who has “been there…done that.” Wall Street Journal Bestselling Thriller Author Jeffrey Wilson, Co-Author of the Tier One Thriller Series


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